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Picture Optimization If you wish, you can always adjust the screen geometric settings manually using geometry menu items. On the monitor stand is an adjustment scale that helps keep track of your preferred monitor height. You might want to start with the following settings. Turn off the monitor and the power before unplugging the power cable. Please handle the base carefully.

Power Device Power Consumption Operational. Hot Key Mode Hot key mode The monitor keys perform as hotkeys to provide direct access to particular functions whenever the menu isn't currently displaying on-screen. Prepare the monitor and area. The location and available input and output jacks may vary depending on the purchased model. This is the factory default color.

Standard Adjusts the balance between light and dark shades. Connection Connection The following connection illustrations are for your reference only. Input and output ports Available input and output ports may vary depending on your purchased model. Alternatively, press the wheel or the return button on the S Switch. Game Settings Menu Game Settings menu Available menu options may vary depending on the input sources, functions and settings.

Bluish Applies a cool tint to the Press the keys to image and is factory select this option. Blur Reduction Reduction - Brightness is decreased.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Assembling your monitor hardware If the computer is turned on you must turn it off before continuing. Menu options that are not available will become grayed out. Picture Menu Picture menu Available menu options may vary depending on the input sources, functions and settings. To adjust the monitor height, hold both the left and the right sides of the monitor to lower the monitor or lift it up to the desired height.

For models without certain functions, their settings and related items will not appear on the menu. Display Menu Display menu Available menu options may vary depending on the input sources, functions and settings. You should position the monitor and angle the screen to minimize unwanted reflections from other light sources. The scale on top of the column helps keep track of your preferred tilt angle.

BenQ offers more optimized game modes on the website. To assist you in this endeavour, BenQ has provided a screen test image utility which you can use to check for screen color, grayscale and line gradient display. Getting the most from your BenQ monitor to install the monitor software. It should ask whether you want to install device drivers. Similarly, sony dcr-hc19e drivers follow for all the additional drivers.

Adjust the monitor to the desired viewing angle. Then push the lid Lock back. Blur Reduction Motion Blur Note the impacts of the function once activated.

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Avoiding to take the base from the adjustment scale, it may cause the damage. Download and install the Display Pilot software to enjoy the following main functions of. Power key Turns the power on or off. Need More Help Need more help?

Getting started When unpacking please check you have the following items. Locate the extracted driver manually on your computer.

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Refer to the product specifications for details. Set the screen refresh rate to Hz.

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Right-click on the file and Run as administrator. The fitted foam packing is ideal for protecting the monitor during transport. Go to the setup menu in your game, and change the frame rate or screen refresh rate to Hz. Certified for Windows Vista. If any are missing or damaged, please contact the place of purchase for a replacement.

Your email address will not be published. Refer to the Help document of your operating system for details. Viewing Angle Adjustment Viewing angle adjustment You may position the screen to the desired angle with the monitor tilt, swivel, and height adjustment functions. Cancel out of these property windows.

Click the tab and the button. Do not plug-in or turn-on the power to the monitor until instructed to do so. To have the function that sets the display to rotate with the monitor automatically, Auto Pivot please install the software from gaming.

BenQ X900 User Manual

BenQ XL Series User Manual

Please be careful to prevent damage to the monitor. Turn on the monitor by pressing the power button on the front of the monitor.

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Carefully put down the stand and the base. Tilting the monitor Tilt the monitor gently. Right-click the desktop and select.

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Press any of the control keys, or the wheel, or the return button on the S Switch to bring up the hot key menu. Adjust vertical position, phase, horizontal position and pixel clock automatically. Your Driver will be installed and listed in the Device Manager. Getting Started Getting started When unpacking please check you have the following items.

Choose the Driver you want to install and then Click on Next. Name Description Control keys Accesses the functions or menu items displayed on the screen, right next to each key. For cables that are not supplied with your product, you can purchase them separately. Brightness and Contrast hot keys Press the key to display the Brightness and Contrast indicators.