Callaway Ft5 Neutral Driver

FT-5 Drivers

Others in my group were often longer, but I was deadly accurate. Don't see the club you want? They sport a new deep red color on the sole which looks great, but is a bit out of leftfield. What really impresses me about the club is that, around my home course, everyone from hackers to the head pro has very good things to say about it. As advertised, it does want to hit a straight ball.

The draw bias allows me to really slug the ball and maintain great controll re-gaining the minimum loss of distance. It hits straight, far and sounds like a car crash when you hit it. Paint chips more prevalent in areas from rubbing against other clubs in the bag but no dents or damage that will affect performance. In wet conditions, or really humid conditions, the stock grip is no good. Paint may be missing in areas.

How about a review on the Taylormade Superquad? Grooves will have typical wear from frequent play and nicks that will not affect playability. Grooves are still sharp and in great condition.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Drivers

It had a new grip, head cover and the face was refinished. Anything that helps make the game more enjoyable for the average higher handicap player has to be a good thing. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. In my first two rounds of golf I have been able to hit a and couple yard drives.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

So within the Fusion family, you have red, orange, yellow, and grey on different products. Very forgiving along with distance comparitive to much higher priced and well advertised clubs.

Founded in by the late Ely Callaway, the mission of Callaway Golf is to passionately pursue advanced, innovative technologies to sell the world's best golf clubs, balls, gwt 835c treiber windows xp and accessories. Such scratches are common on polished soles with most Callaway Golf painted woods. Both clubs have the same rubber grips with subtle alignment aids and Callaway logos.

If you dont struggle with hitting fairways I would go with something else, because i know their are drivers that hit the ball further than the ft-i. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The squat, square shape of the clubface reminds me a bit of the old Power Pod driver, if one had been squashed a bit. Paint-fill in grooves may be worn or missing in places. In other words, it should be forgiving not just on balls hit left or right of center, but also high and low on the face, so you get good results no matter where you make contact with the ball. Certificate of Authenticity.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs Review) - The Sand Trap

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs Review) - The Sand Trap

Played my first round with it, and I made the right decision. It still ended up in the fairway, but my driving distance was only yards. The square form factor is weird, it felt like it guided me in a correct swing plane. Polished look Like New but with a bit more wear. Use it as much as you like so you can really know what the club will do for your game before you invest in it.

His driving looks pretty good so far. If you don't love it, simply put it back in the box it came in, use the included prepaid return shipping label, and send it back to us. Most of my strokes come frm penalties by loosing balls due to my slice. These clubs have seen normal use usually several seasons but are in better than average shape for that particular model club. One way of knowing which shaft is more stiff is to take both clubs and simply to push each club against your one foot, or a piece of stationary furniture.

OptiFit Weighting System produces Draw, Neutral, and Fade configurations in most lofts, allowing golfers to choose the best type for their swing. Draw, Neutral and Fade, enabling golfers to choose a combination to best suit their individual game. Bottom line, I am putting the club up for sale and thank goodness, I still have my old driver. The shape is almost square at address, with a crease down the top that gives the driver the look of a square pepper.

May have ball marks or pop-up marks where the paint meets the crown. Wow, best mistake that could have happened. The only way I could tell it had been used was by a few scratches on the sole of the club. At this point, I would mainly recommend it to higher handicappers who really struggle off the tee, especially with getting their drives airborne. It also produces a more crisp metallic sound.

FT-5 Tour Drivers

It would also be a lot easier on my pocket. Both are well worth the hefty price-tags. Maybe a scratch or two from being in a bag with other clubs. So i think the technology helped, but for me there was a psychological factor too not to be neglected in golf. Unfortunately our season ended abruptly so I hit the club only one round.

The club was pricey which makes the results I am getting a bit saltier. Once I got the tee height fixed I found my hits were center high and it felt like butter and flew off the face. First, the composite body on each has been painted glossy black to match the top of the cup face area, making it look like a traditional driver instead of a multi-material affair. Paint may have a small scratch or chip, but they will be barely visible. But while off- center hits go generally in a good direction, they lose a fair bit of distance.

FT-5 Drivers

Shaft Type Fujikura E Graphite. The only thing that could be tweaked is the sound, too much like an aluminum baseball bat, but hey I can live with it based on the performance. All of paint-fill still in the grooves.