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USB I2C Interface (BETA) 02 External Connections

From there, you can perform slideshow contains buttons to access your home screen, profile page. Links in the menu above have been modified to direct you to the new site for any kits so moved. The divider restrictions for the Si speed grades or frequency grades are as follows.


The used hardware filter for a band can be user specified. Once the kit is completed and fully tested, you can install the heatshrink tubing to protect the board. At the end it will show the success message!

Latest USBasp Driver download for Windows 7 8 Vista XP

SiLabs did release a new version of the Si chip with some more functionality, bud one disadvantaged! In both calculations the internal crystal frequency is used and will be eliminated by the calculations! There have been messages on the forum describing methods of working around these issues. The sourcecode is made available on Google Code and as normal on this web-side. Tuning without clicking on every frequency change.

Speed grade A device have no divider restrictions. Because of a bug in the old firmware I was become interested in the firmware and start extending the functionality, the whole process can be found on this page. There are many definitions for Software Defined Radio. The sourcecode is also available on Google Code. The essence of each definition is that some or all of the traditional functionality of a radio is handled in software on a computer, rather than in circuitry in a traditional radio.

This modification is not been tested, if you try this please send me a mail I can generate a hex file for that. Supported Firmware functionality. Return frequency was smooth tune center frequency. But there is no calibration in that process any more, the application had to use the calibrated crystal frequency!

This can be now set so that every device can have it's own unique serial number. That is done in less code than the older versions and much faster. About Contact Us Advertise.

It cost some more speed and rom space, but the code is cleaner. Bug fix for Filter bank sequence.

De functionality can be disabled by software. To explore the firmware algorithm and find the possible dividers for a frequency the excel sheet can be used. The offset and multiply is a fixed point number stored in eeprom and can be changed by the software. There was only a difference between them in the calibration.

It should then install correctly. Added the Inteligent Band Pass Filter. Over time, I hope to add to this site, so you may want to come back periodically for updated info. When kits do come up available, they are usually sold out within hours and then we all wait for the next batch to be kitted up.

The document and other documents from Bob can be found at this webpage. The previous versions of the firmware did not exclude counter values expecting a speed grade A chip. Download the zip file and extract the it to a temporary directory on the Desktop. Firmware updates to hopefully finally disable the safety flag.

It is a lot of text for a very small software update, only one variable changed to a fixed number! It will give the automatic antenna tuning and smooth tune functionality and some bug fixes. There are some more minor changes in the firmware.

In a mail from Alex, he mention a nice future that he was expecting to work in my firmware. He is a retired engineer who does this for the love of the hobby and might make a buck or two of pin money but certainly no living from the sale of the kits. The previous version did store the si running frequency, the new version will store the set frequency. Skitch for Mac goes beyond and what to be on systematic stock picking. Only by a bug in the software, the output lines are not put in the requested filter value but the band value.

This one is helping visitors to download drivers for free. You will get the nasty Windows security message if you did not install the Amateur Radio Certificate Authority. If you did install the Amateur Radio Root Certificate windows will show the install message box. Thus selecting a new synthesizer will generally change its frequency, hp p4sd audio drivers for windows 7 since individual frequencies of several synthesizers are not memorized in the Windows software.

Download Firmware source and .hex files

Latest USBasp Driver download for Windows 7 8 Vista XP

Download Firmware source and. So the firmware need to be changed for that chip version! But for future improvements you will need the speed and free code maybe. Add Automatich smooth tune. Many have discovered Softrocks from browsing on the web and have asked about how to get a Softrock kit.

The interface is surprisingly clean file-shredding tool for erasing confidential. Bug fix with negative frequency offset value. The same as the old firmware did the first time. Select the the tempory directory where you saved the driver packkage. But is was not working, never crossed my mind until then.

This is the latest version of my Si Firmware upgrade. For using the firmware in applications where the maximum frequency range is needed the speed grade dividers must be handled correct. The serial number will not be checked in most existing software I hope so no change had to be made there.

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