Ineo 220 Driver

For more details, or to find out how to disable cookies please follow this link. Documents can also be scanned in separate batches from the original glass. We appreciate your understanding that printed images may infrequently have some noise or image data may not be stored under certain circumstances due to this forgery prevention function. The day and time periods when the machine is not used can be specified so the machine can automatically switch to a mode where it conserves energy.

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Printing only the necessary fax documents among all the received fax documents enhances security and reduces printing costs. Data Security We offer the kind of security levels that a prudent business operation should seek and rightfully expect. You can check the procedure again. Troubleshooting Why does no screen appear in the touch panel?

Basic Box Operation using Saved Documents Data can more easily be imported from a user box to the computer. While the machine is in Copy mode, the indicator on the key lights up in green. Guidance Function You can display the functional description and operating procedure in the touch panel. Partner Programme Contact Get in touch with us! Documents that were not named when they were saved can be given a name that will be easier to remember.


Brings you back to the previous step. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Printer Settings The settings for print functions can be changed so that the operations can easily be performed. Page - What is image stabilization? Up to four easy setting keys can be created.

Separate Scan Select this setting to send altogether a document scanned in separate batches. If no operation is performed for a specified length of time, the touch panel goes off and the machine automatically enters a mode where it conserves energy. Office Consulting What would a sustainable improvement in processes, workflows and costs really mean to your business?

If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical attention. Separate Scan Repeat this operation until all document pages have been scanned. Environment Our survival tomorrow depends on how we care for the environment today. The location of the paper jam in the finisher differs depending on the selected Finishing settings.

Adding The Date And Time Transmitting with the page number or time added Adding the date and time The date and time of scanning can be added to a document to be sent. This user box is regis- tered in Administrator mode. These are called program destinations. Options This option may not be available depending on the sales area.


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In order to cancel the limitations, the operating hours must first be entered. Clearing Paper Jams right-side Door Be careful not to spill toner inside the machine or get toner on your clothes or hands.

Otherwise, the machine may not operate correctly. Position the document to be saved.

Reducing Printing Costs Received faxes can be saved in user box as data and printed when they are needed. Perform operations with data in user boxes. Printing Create a document in the application, and then select the print command. Weekly Timer The limitations of the weekly timer can temporarily be canceled so the machine can be used.


Replacing The Staple Cartridge saddle Stitcher Sd When replacing the staple cartridge, be sure to check that the message is displayed. Page Jobs that are being sent and jobs queued to be sent are displayed in the Current Jobs list. Animation Guidance You can clear a jam or replace consumables while checking the procedure in the touch panel.

Basic Print Operation Send print data from an application on the computer through the printer driver to this machine. Type in the desired number of copies. Jobs that have been sent are displayed in the Job History list.

The administrator password is required to specify the settings. Using Printer Fonts When printer fonts are used, the printing time is reduced, but there may be a difference between the displayed document and the print result. Select the user box where the document is to be saved. Government End Users acquire the Software with only those rights set forth herein. Replacing The Toner Cartridge Be careful not to spill toner inside the machine or get toner on your clothes or hands.

Checking Fax Operations Performed Until Now A log of the transmissions and receptions can be viewed in a report and printed. Reducing Electricity Usage Instead of waiting the specified length of time, the machine can be manually set to enter a power-saving mode in order to conserve energy. Develop GmbH will not be held liable for any incidents caused by using this printing system or User's Guide. For Eu Member States Only To avoid incommoding reflections at visual display workplaces this device must not be placed in the direct field of view.


If any caution label or caution notation is soiled, please clean to make legible. Liven up your workspace by creating an individual decor for your multifunctional device. Operation Precautions Color copies have a thicker layer of toner than normal black-and-white copies. Combine these settings with double-sided copying to further reduce paper use. In addition, recipients can be specified using a combination of the two methods.

Download drivers, manuals, safety documents and certificates for your ineo systems. Open Close Give your ineo a truly unique look! Customisation Useful business apps, individualized user interfaces, amd radeon 3200 hd driver for windows xp personal ineo decors and much more. The following printer drivers can be used with this machine.

This can be in the form of a textual message at program startup or in documentation online or textual provided with the package. Display the Guidance screen. Position the document to be faxed. Slide the lateral guides to fit the size of paper to be loaded. The subject of the e-mail message can be changed.

Any one of these sizes can be selected. The transmission report, reception report and activity report, which combines the transmission and reception reports, are available in the Communication List screen. Custom Display Settings The display in the left panel of the touch panel screen and the settings in the Basic screen can be changed.