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First, fill a gallon milk jug with water. Hay Bill, Off topic but you got me thinking about the creative use of home wiring. Wood, even wet wood, is not nearly as good a conductor as a steel tower.

But being the sort of fellow I am I always like to find the easy way out. Looks like a length of heavy pipe with a cap welded on one end and handles on the sides. Center the pipe in the hole and backfill with a mixture of cheap kitty litter and rock salt.

If so, can you enlighten me as to how this is done? Works as intended and in good condition, no cd or software is included. Wireless Convenience Adding a wireless card to your computer allows you to setup a network in your home or office. It is required that you bond both grounding systems together in order to guard against a shock hazard by ensuring that both grounds remain at the same potential.

Tips for Driving Ground Rods. In other words, I used the water to soften the ground, and the force of the falling water acted like a drill.

It installs and does nothing. But are very important if there is risk of lightning hits.

But the best method is the Cadweld. Do you already have an account? It's intended for installation on existing copper plumbing without breaking the pipe, and comes in two pieces. The well is simply filled with Bentonite clay and the very heavy copper ground wires and straps cadwelded to it.

As mentioned, the mushroom of the top of the rod is not important. For an area with lots of limestone Like I have here Many short rods, rods at an angle, Much copper radial wire is what it takes. It really ate into the ground. This method works in rock soil darned near any place.

Just checked the clamp that I installed on one of my mast ground rods and it is zinc, etc. With the proper interface, I'll guess a cap and inductor of some sort, it would work up to the point where the transformer on the street was located. If you are using them for lightning protection, measure the resistance to see if they will be effective. Place jack hammer over the ground rod and drive it home.

The connection improves with age. No one said it was easy however. If you've ever had a house treated for termites, the drill they use to penetrate concrete floors is a hammer drill. Call this wild and weird but there is logic to this premis. Home depot rents a metal pipe, sealed at one end with two big handles on the side.

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The emergency number on the gate is a start. Ask a Question Start a Discussion. This is where coax, and control lines should have their surge protectors. Hope maybe this helps someone. The deep drilled well case is what most modern systems use if bedrock is close to the surface.

This after being unable to find an electric hammer at my local rental place. If you need coupling to the earth for your antenna system, some wires laying on the ground or just below the surface would work just as well and you will hardly have to break a sweat doing it. Houses already constructed often do not lend themselves to providing a complete grounding system as recommended by Polyphaser for a realistic amount of money. Choose the spot you want to install the Ground Rod. They do this sort of thing all the time.

Tips for Driving Ground Rods

The problem was holding the machine at the right height - which meant the drill had to be in sections much like an oil drilling rig. First take the ground clamp and put it in place so you won't have to deal with the distortion which will result from hammering. Contact your local well boring dude. Next soak the soil with water or wait for a wet day. And I assure you there is several different ways to accomplish this task as well.

How much grounding is required and how much earth ground potential do we want to put up in the air is an issue that needs to be studied. You can probably buy tools from your specialist earth rod supplier, but they may only suit a specific hammer. Second, the steel fence pole driver works well. Drivers not included unless specifically listed. Also, a T-post driver works well.

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The ground rod thing is a relic of the early days of ham radio due to the use of very low frequencies in the spark gap days. You repeatedly throw this into the ground until you have a one inch diameter hole about two feet deep. This is where you screw the bronze adapter on. If not grounding a tower prevents it from getting hit by lightning then I have to wonder why trees are so often hit. Have my beautiful wife stand back and hold it.

It works great, just hold on the drill. Now this will get you all wet that I promise you. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. So get ready to visit your local hardware store.

Now you simply what the water rushing out the pipe dig your hole for you. We've all been told we must ground towers and our station.

Kango k beast of a tool, ecs l4s5mg3 gx driver earth rod fits in where chisel goes. It will settle in around the rod in a few weeks and be as solid as if you had driven the rod into virgin earth.

Often the deeper one goes, the more rock. Works for me, but there are others that do it differently. This will ensure that the rod has a good straight start and gets the top of the six foot rod down to four feet above ground level where you can more easily drive it. If there is a tower nearby, there will be an emergency phone number on the access gate, try that. Any reason you can't use a common hand powered rotary post hole digger like they did in the old days?

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