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Before installing, check that only the operating system is running on the compu- ter and no print jobs are in progress. There- fore, if the cover paper is set to the L orientation, the orientation of cover and body will be different.

This document might not list all available printer models. Technote troubleshooting Problem Abstract This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on printer hardware from Ricoh and Ricoh Printing Systems America.

Tap Extended Feature Settings. Unauthorized Copy Control Other Print Operations Unauthorized Copy Control You can embed patterns and text under printed text to prevent unauthorized copying of the document. Documents are listed chronologically with the newest at the top.

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Under Extended Feature Settings click Install. The initial screen appears. You can print or delete the print jobs saved in the machine which is sent from computers. Tap Enhanced External charge Unit Management and select the functions you want to have access control for.

If you set a password in the printer driver, a password confirmation screen appears. If there is no match a question mark is displayed in the document list on the device. The paper sizes entered are displayed.

Ricoh Aficio MP 2352SP Administrator s Manual

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Click Disable to stop logging text changes on the button. Select the job you want to check.

Knowledge Base Find answers to your questions about Ricoh devices and related third-party products by searching our online database anytime. Ricoh Aficio with Type print controller Optional.

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Printer Driver Packager NX

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After you complete the setting, the machine switches to online au- tomatically. To make printer settings for a specific application, open the printer properties dialog box from that application.

Duplex Prints on both sides of sheets. Canceling A Print Job Canceling a Print Job Follow the procedure below to cancel a print job if the message prompting form feed appears. Wait for the On indicator to go off stop blinking and then turn off the main power switch. Universal Print Driver Enables users to use various printing devices.

For details about changing the dialog box types, see the printer driver Help. Reference For details, see the printer driver Help. Only enable logging if advised to do so as part of a troubleshooting process. None of the above, continue with my search.

For example, you can cancel incorrect job set- tings or print an urgent document. The job list is displayed for all functions in the order of print jobs. Reserved job numbers are displayed. If NetWare form feed is configured, the printer may not print properly.

The confirmation screen appears. The selected file is deleted. If you do, printing will fail. Stored Print Other Print Operations Stored Print Use this function to store a file in the machine, and then print it from the com- puter or the machine's control panel later. Operating Instructions Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference.

Information on Printers from Ricoh. Reference For details about setting printer drivers, see the printer driver Help. For details about configuring the printer drivers, lua3-u2-atx driver see the relevant Help files. You can select several printer drivers.

Display Panel Display Panel This section describes configuration using the display panel when the printer function is selected. Press the Other Function function button on the device. In that case, set the paper size using the printer driver. Page Punching Precautions Follow these precautions when using the punch function. Ignoring these notes could result in serious injury or death.

The finisher shift tray moves backward or forward when a job or set is output, causing the next to shift, so you can separate them. Information in this document has been gathered from many different sources, including printer manuals, manufacturer and third-party Web sites, and experience gathered from working with customers. Select as many as appropriate.

For details, see the manuals provided with the ap- plication you use. Select the job whose order you want to change. Also, you can insert chapter slip sheets before specified pages, and select whether or not to print on the slip sheets. The Printer screen appears. The remaining sets are printed.

Make sure to click Apply in the upper right corner when you have made your changes. Preparing the Machine Confirming the Connection Method This machine supports network and local connection. Make sure you read the following precautions when using the optional finisher. Reference For details about making option settings for the printer, see p. Or, create a printer configuration and see if it works.

In many cases, this document will list similar printer models that support the same printer data streams. If multiple print files are selected, the machine prints files that correspond to the entered password. Reference For printer driver settings, see the printer driver Help. Chaptering Chaptering The specified page is printed on the same side as the first page, like a book. When duplex printing is selected, both sides of the slip sheets are printed on.

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Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and might be trademarks of their respective companies. Paper Size Use this function to print on paper with the size specified on the digital camera.