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Managing TimesTen data This section provides detailed information on working with data in a TimesTen data store. The recovered database reflects the state of all durably committed transactions and possibly some transactions that were committed non-durably. For example, there could be an array of department managers indexed by department numbers.

When you are finished accessing the database, typically call the Connection method close to close the connection to the database. Sup port for interfaces and classes in the javax. This avoids possible inefficiency where TimesTen would otherwise allocate memory to hold the largest possible value.

You should always include code jdbx checks for warnings, as they timesten jdbc indicate application problems. If you use the DriverManager.


TimesTen requires the data types before preparing queries. TimesTen shares prepared statements automatically after they have been committed. TimesTen does not support holdable cursors. Configure the Java environment.

TimesTenConnection provides the following method for this. If you do not want to print the Context value, you can achieve better performance by using the getBytes method instead. TimesTen does not support auto-generated keys. Sup port for interfaces in the java. Stat ement TimesTen does not support auto-generated keys.

Using additional TimesTen data management features

Timesten JDBC

You must execute a commit or rollback to close the transaction. Setting temporary passthrough level with the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure. This results in a writable locator. Jrbc many cases this is wasteful.

TimesTen also provides extensions in the com. Client routing in TimesTen Scaleout To increase performance, ensoniq audiopci 3000 driver TimesTen Scaleout enables your client application to route connections to an element based on the key value for a hash distribution key. TimesTen does not support multiple open ResultSet objects per statement. The clause returns the items into a list of Timesten jdbc parameters. Binding is based on the position of the first occurrence of timesten jdbc parameter name.


Inactive applications still connected to the old TimesTen instance may have to be manually terminated. Example Ex ecuting an update. In particular, the code should roll back the current transaction and, to avoid out-of-memory conditions in the server, disconnect from the database. This section describes the connection-level prefetch implemented in TimesTen.

TimesTen JDBC Sample Programs

Example Connecting to an element based on a distribution key. Otherwise, the behavior is indeterminate. RowId interface and Types. The following topics are covered.

Example Synchronous detection of automatic client failover. PooledConnection or connection pool data sources javax. Invoke each subkey in the same order as the key values and types of the distribution key columns of the table. The getReturnResultSet method must not be invoked more than once.

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In addition to implementations discussed previously, TimesTen provides interfaces and classes in the com. The setting affects all statements that are prepared until the end of the transaction. The typical use case is to prepare the statement, then, in the loop, set parameters, execute the statement, process the cursor, and close the cursor.

Using additional TimesTen data management featuresConnect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Define a method setPassthrough that takes a specified passthrough setting, binds it to the prepared statement, then executes the prepared statement to call ttOptSetFlag to set the passthrough level. The application must roll back the transaction before proceeding.

Specify the parameter position and data value. Worki ng with rowids Each row in a table has a unique identifier known as its rowid. You should escape the backslash character. Ad ditional TimesTen classes and interfaces In addition to implementations discussed previously, TimesTen provides the following classes and interfaces in the com. For any subsequent occurrence of a given parameter name, the application has the following choices.

The TimesTen driver preceded java. Example Prepared statements for multiple connections.

During that time the timeout value is ignored. TimesTen Statement Statement Exposed through java.

ConnectionPoolDataSource use the synchronous mechanism noted previously to handle stale objects on the failed connection. All open cu rsors on the connection are closed upon transaction commit or rollback in TimesTen.

The vendor-specific exception code is set to TimesTenVendorCode. Typically, use the ResultSet method close to close a result set as soon as you are done with it. TimesTen result sets also support standard try-with-resource functionality using java.

Indexes are stored in sort order, not creation order. TimesTen does not use java.