Toshiba Tecra S5 Driver

The Boot Priority Options setting window will be displayed as shown below. To enter Hibernation Mode, follow the steps below. Formatting establishes the structure of the disk that the operating system expects before it writes files or programs onto the disk. Disconnect the microphone cable.

How do I get to the BIOS on a Toshiba Tecra laptop - Ask Dave Taylor

No patent liability is assumed, with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Within the Mouse Properties window, click the Advanced tab. Page Troubleshooting Problem Procedure Character display In data transmission, make sure the parity bit and becomes garbled stop bit settings correspond with those of the during a remote computer. Disconnect the Bluetooth card cable from the motherboard and unplug the brown antenna cable from the card. Doing so may cause loss of data.

Soft keys are key combinations that enable, disable or configure specific features. If the problem persists, then you should refer to the documentation supplied with your MultiMediaCard for further information. Connect the monitor cable to the external monitor port. This test verifies modem operation, as well as the connection between the modem and computer. Some models are equipped with a AccuPoint control buttons.

Laptop Beep

As with any modem, the actual throughput speed of data transfer depends on analog telephone line conditions, which can vary considerably. Lift up the hard drive and carefully disconnect the cable on the left side. Disconnect the hard drive cable. Align the first joint of the finger at the center of the sensor, then lightly touch the sensor and swipe finger horizontally towards you until the sensor surface becomes visible.

Enables Virtualization Technology. Verification will be performed. Displays a sub-menu appears which details location information.

How do I get to the BIOS on a Toshiba Tecra laptop - Ask Dave Taylor

After repeated use, the batteries will finally lose their ability to hold a charge and you will need to replace them. If you turn off the power while a disk disc is being accessed, you may lose data or damage the disk. Never allow metal objects, such as screws, staples and paper clips, to enter the computer or keyboard. Be certain to read the general precautions below and to note the cautions included in the text of the manual.

Due to the display panel's increased resolution, lines may appear broken in when displaying images in full-screen text mode. Leave enough space around the computer and other equipment to provide adequate ventilation. For further information, contact your local government. Equipment checklist Carefully unpack your computer, taking care to save the box and packaging materials for future use.

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Loosen the one screw securing the memory module cover in place - please note that this screw is attached to the cover in order to prevent it from being lost. The actual specifications may vary depending on the model you purchased. Alternate naming is included for reference. Restarting or resetting a computer without turning it off. Slide the display latch on the front of the computer to unlatch the display panel.

Using The Accupoint Operating Basics You can also tap the Touch Pad to perform functions similar to those of the left button on a standard mouse. Problem Procedure Drive does not operate Check the connection between the computer and the drive to ensure that it is properly attached. Processor The computer is equipped with one of the following Intel processors.

Overheating Power Down This message remains on the screen for a few seconds. It is intended to help you be more comfortable and productive while using a notebook computer.

Page The electrical connection through which the computer sends and receives data to and from devices or other computers. Utilities And Applications Video. Hibernation Mode This feature lets you turn off the power to the computer without exiting from your software.

Do not eat, smoke, or use items such as erasers near your floppy diskettes as foreign particles inside the jacket of the floppy diskette can damage the magnetic surface. If these touch the inside of the computer, it could be damaged or become clogged, leading to further problems. You should check that your fingerprint is enrolled before configuring the settings. Except for the stopped device by the software switch, all the wireless-communications functions can output a radio wave. You can display the information on the screen, or output it to the printer, or both.

The terminal marked positive is the source of electrons that when connected to an external circuit will flow and deliver energy to an external device. Page Glossary The terms in this glossary cover topics related to this manual. It is impossible to avoid the band of mobile object identification systems.

Power-saving features may interfere with smooth playback. The Windows hot-install feature allows you to insert a Smart Card while the computer is turned on. When vibration is detected, a message will be displayed on the screen, lacie hard disk treiber windows 7 and the icon in the Taskbar notification area will change to the protection state.

Starting a computer that is currently off turning on the power. Cooling vents The cooling vents help keep the processor from overheating.

Using The Toshiba Usb Sleep And Charge Utility Intensely shaking the computer or other subjecting it to strong impacts may cause damage to the computer. Toshiba is not liable for any failure or damage that might arise out of the use of the face recognition software or utility. Using The Toshiba Face Recognition Toshiba does not guarantee that the face recognition utility will accurately screen out unauthorized users at all times. Click the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the priority. Move the item s to the new desitination and then leave your finger on the Touch Pad.

Toshiba TECRA S5 User Manual

To ensure proper use of this product, please read this instruction manual carefully and retain for future reference. Plug the other end of the modular cable into a telephone jack. When power-off, Sleep Mode and Hibernation Mode, press this button to start the computer and launch the program.